GHS HazCom

OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard is intended to help protect workers from hazardous chemicals. Training workers on HazCom practices and procedures is critical to protecting your employees from harm due to exposure to hazardous chemicals.



GHS HazCom "Understanding GHS"


Understanding GHS HazCom is a 2-video training kit that helps regulated facilities meet the final effective compliance date of June 1, 2016. This kit handles both post-GHS (“Final Version” - 20 minutes) and pre- and post-GHS (“Transition Version” - 23 minutes) hazard communication so employers can show their employees either only the new or both the old and new configurations depending on their individual goals and when the training is conducted. Also included is a SiteCast PowerPoint customizable template. 

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GHS HazCom Shipping Labels Dissected


The wall poster 'GHS HazCom Shipping Labels Dissected' graphically explains each element of the new labels: Pictograms: Hazard Statements, Precautionary Statements, Signal Words, Product Identifier, Supplier Information. The poster even illustrates how DOT labels can fit in.

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'GHS HazCom Shipping Labels Dissected'

Size: 22 in. x 17 inches

Price: laminated $24.95  •  paper $12.95



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For Evaluation Only.

Not for training.


1. Introduction
2. The Hazard Communication Rule
3. Hazard Labels
3A. Shipping Labels
3B.  Workplace Labels
4. Safety Data Sheets
5. Summary