Hazardous Waste "TODAY" for LQG, SQG, and VSQGs and the Generator Improvements Rule


This new employee training program provides 3 different videos for LQGs, SQGs, and VSQGs. This gives you the flexibility to train employees at all your locations with one product. The kit is designed to present a detailed overview of the complex RCRA rules and regulations, which can help keep your employees stay safe, prevent releases, and avoid costly EPA civil penalties and liabilities. 

(Video lengths: LQG 26 mins, SQG 23 mins, VSQG 17 mins)

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LQG Chapters:

1. Introduction

2. Hazardous Waste Identification
3. Hazardous Waste Generation
4. Management of Containers
5. Central Accumulation (CAA)
6. Satellite Accumulation (SAA) ☒
7. Transportation ☒
8. The Manifest  ☒
9. Emergency Preparedness
10. Waste Minimization *  ☒
11. Conclusion

* Not included in SQG

☒ Not included in VSQG