California Universal Waste

California Universal Waste "Collecting, Processing & Recycling"

In general, the Universal Waste regulations in California are more strict and more expansive than those of the EPA. They are found in two places: the California Code of Regulations (the CCR) and the California Health and Safety Code (the HSC). This program addresses both the Federal and the California-specific regulations. This training programs included two video versions, the 'Complete Version' and very concise 'Refresher Version', customizable PowerPoint slideshow, Trainer's Guide, Employee Quiz, and Training Recording Forms.

(20:00 / 13:00 minutes)

California Universal Waste

  • Details

    • 2 video versions: Complete Version (20 minutes) & Refresher Version (13 minutes) 
    • Trainer's Guide, Employee Quiz, Employee documentation forms
    • Customizable PowerPoint slideshow (with and without video chapters) that details individual state regulations.
    • Closed Captions included.