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1. Introduction

2. Hazmat Spill Discovery and Assessment

3. Non-Hazwoper Spill Responses

4. Incidental Release Clean-Up Procedures

5. Re-Cap

"Spills & Skills"

Non-Emergency HazMat

Spill Response

This 19 minute training program is designed to help train

non-HAZWOPER employees & contractors on dealing with a hazardous material (or hazardous waste) spill, leak, or release.

What to do if you discover a hazmat release? How to determine if a release requires HAZWOPER-trained responders. If it is a hazmat emergency release (HAZWOPER event), what to do then? If it's non-HAZWOPER event (an 'incidental release'), the program reviews the discreet steps involved in clean-up.

The program includes a Spill Locker Poster (see below) and a PowerPoint customizable template.

Spill Locker Poster

(click to enlarge)