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"Rain Check" - Stormwater Pollution Prevention for MS4s

Regulated municipalities and other municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) operators must prevent pollutants from entering their storm drainage systems. One element of this requirement is preventing stormwater pollution by municipal facilities such as fleet maintenance shops, bus barns, sanitation facilities, parks and street sweeping operations. This program shows employees how to practice good housekeeping, spill response, materials management, vehicle fueling and washing and the other BMPs profiled in the “National Menu". Also included is a SiteCast PowerPoint customizable template. (Program versions run between: 19 -and up to- 31 minutes)”


1. Introduction - 

2. Good Housekeeping & Spill Prevention

3. Spill Control and Response

4. Vehicle Fueling
5. Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

6. Vehicle and Equipment Washing

7.  Materials Management
8. Waste Management

9. Parking Lot & Street Cleaning

10. Storm Drain System Cleaning

11. Municipal Facilities Maintenance

12. Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

13. Near or Over Surface Waters

14. Conclusion