Training Delivery Options

Excal Visual understands that distributing and implementing compliance training to a diverse and dispersed work force can be a complex task. We strive to provide our customers with flexible training and documentation tools so both the instructor and the employee can easily access our content anytime or from anywhere. EHS training requirements are different for every organization, so we have designed 13 core categories with 5 delivery options for you to help meet the budget, the style and the goals of your organization. Most of the programs are closed-captioned and available with Spanish narration.

  • Conduct Classroom Training: Select an employee training video course from our DVD/USB library to use for group training in a classroom setting. This option only allows the instructor to use the DVD/USB training video and PowerPoint presentation template on a single computer and customers would need to purchase a LAN or WAN license to load the video to a network.


  • Company Network License: Customers can purchase a network license to host the video content on their own in-house network/intranet for local network (LAN) or company wide use (WAN). Contact a Sales Rep for pricing at 1-888-925-6554.


Every organization needs a well-trained, empowered workforce. 

Training Categories

Please fill out the form or contact us for more details at 1-888-925-6554

  •  Pay-Per-View:  We also have a convenient Pay-Per-View option so you can train an individual employee on a selected course at any time.

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